Welcome to the Filmmaker’s Guide to Music!

What the Guide Covers:

  • 1. Sources of Music
  • 2. Finding a Composer
  • 3. Communicating with Composers
  • 4. Scoring Workflow
  • 5. The Music Brief
  • 6. Giving Notes on Music
  • 7. Final Delivery

Guy Michelmore is an EMMY nominated composer who writes music for feature films, tv shows and games. He’s worked for companies including Marvel, Netflix, Disney, Dreamworks, Lionsgate and Sony Pictures. imdb.me/guymichelmore.

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An introduction to the dark art of using music in your production…


This short guide will introduce you to the dark art of using music in your production. Although the title implies this is just for filmmakers, almost everything in here applies to TV production and video games as well, so whatever your industry sector – welcome!

Music can make or break a production and there are risks as well as rewards. It’s the part of the production many producers and directors fear and look forward to in equal measure.

Be gone fear! Back in your box uncertainty! Let’s embrace all that’s great about the scoring process and I will try to give you some advice, from my side of the fence, on how to navigate the scoring process successfully.

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