Do you need music or sound design? We have an amazing pool of emerging talent, all studying at our grad school. So we put together a small team coordinated by an experienced professional meaning you always get what you need when you need it. The team get the credit and you get great music and sound at a fraction of the normal price... win-win!

We can help. What we offer is very different.

ThinkSpace Productions is all about taking the world's most talented new entrants to the business and partnering them up with seasoned professionals so you get the enthusiasm and price advantage of people new to the market, with the reliability, quality and of wisdom of the old hands.


Below is just a small selection of pieces and showreels to whet your appetite! Stay tuned for more.

SOUND DESIGN can bring a game to life. Our sound designers both create incredible soundscapes and know how to implement into the game using FMOD, WWise and Unity.


Every project is different and requires a different solution. Depending on the scale, we normally suggest the composers or video game sound designers we feel would be the best fit, drawn from a pool of over 50 emerging talents.

The team would be lead by an experienced professional with many years experience who can set the tone, often composing the principal themes or designing the sound world. We keep the project on track and make sure all the emerging talent delivers exactly what you need and what you asked for.

We will talk to you about the project, find out what you need both creatively and logistically and put together the best team to bring the project to a fast and successful conclusion. We will suggest team members to you, supervise the whole project and ensure that all your notes and comments are addressed quickly and effectively.

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Our pricing model is flexible. We don't charge for non-commercial work like short films and for startups and small indie developers we are happy to work on deferred payment. Larger projects we are always extremely competitive and would be happy to discuss your needs and give you a quote. Please talk to us about your work and we would love to find a way of bringing your vision to life.

You can be sure we will always deliver amazing value and make an outstanding creative contribution to every project.

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ThinkSpace Productions is the commercial arm of ThinkSpace Education, which is one of the largest post graduate schools for media composers, video game audio professionals, music editors and orchestrators anywhere in the world.

We only recruit the most talented master’s students with the greatest potential. We partner them with mentors drawn from the ranks of top professionals from Los Angeles, London and around the world, all leading exponents of their craft.

The creative team who will work on your project are drawn from our postgrad students and recent graduates. They will team up with experienced mentors. Frequently a mentor will set the tone of a project and create the basic idea which the rest of the team can then embrace and run with.

Working on real-life commercial projects is the best experience any new talent can have and doing so carefully supervised by a top professional provides a safe and creative environment for both you the client and the new talent.

ThinkSpace Productions shares all fees and royalties equally amongst all those that contribute. We take no commission. It all goes to where it belongs, to the talent.



Here are just a few of the dozens of amazingly talented people who make up ThinkSpace Productions, everything from composers and video games sound designers to orchestrators and music editors. Check back again and we will feature a new group of up and coming creative professionals.


Mortiz produces startlingly fresh, original music. His background is in electronic music and dance and you can hear that inventive use of digital audio and sound design throughout his work. His past work includes many commercials, short films and work for TV.
Rosemary’s background is in classical concert music and she has written a large number of works for piano, voice, chamber groups, orchestra and choir. Her work has been used extensively in film and television.

Recent work includes the feature film “Ashes” that won Best International Feature Film at the Garden State Film Festival last year.

Aaron works in a wide range of media and draws on his extensive background as a jazz pianist and arranger.

As a performer he’s played with Connie Francis, Oscar Brown Jr. James Moody and many others but it’s now as a composer he’s attracting attention.

From his eclectic background in professional audio, Rory has emerged as a talented sound designer for video games.

He works with both FMOD and WWise to create interactive audio environments and is passionate about storytelling through sound.

He recently joined the audio team on Manguin, a new commercial release for the Steam platform.

Scott is a computer games composer who is taking his considerable experience of scoring TV and film and applying it to the interactive world of games.

His background is composing music for a number of high profile EMMY nominated productions while working as an in house composer for the NFL.

As a Master’s student with us at ThinkSpace Education, he is implementing his music in-game using middleware like FMOD and WWise.

Paula is a multi talented musician and editor who can bring a fresh eye and a creative flair to any project she works on. Her library music has been licenced over 150 times to a wide range of media.

As a music editor she brings the eye and ear of an accomplished composer which has led to a range of projects from the recent Escape feature film to TV animation.


Since 1995, Bill Boston has worked as an orchestrator in the US film industry on many high profile films.

Some films include The Scream Trilogy, Everest (IMAX), The Day After Tomorrow, Die Hard 4 (Live Free or Die Hard), and many more.

Course Director Guy Michelmore is an award winning film composer.

He has scored over 8 animated films for Marvel and over 200 episodes of TV for networks all over the world. He also has a detailed knowledge of sampled orchestration and contemporary techniques in commercial film scoring.

Tim is also a working composer and sound designer credited on many film and game projects.

Previous clients include Xbox, Red Bull, Sky, Channel 4, Bohemian Pictures, Gothic Storm and many more.

Bradley is a Film and TV composer, working as an in-house editor for Guy Michelmore.

He has worked as music editor and an additional composer on shows such as; Marvel’s Hulk and The Agents of Smash, The New Adventures of Lassie, The Jungle Book, and more.



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